Lilac - The Lilac Bedroom

There was something about the Lilac paint that struck a thought into my mind. The reason I had chosen Lilac, was because I afford to buy paint, but the people who had owned the little apartment before me had left baby blue, and baby pink. When I mixed them together, I got Lilac.

The baby kicked. I giggled and kept painting. I shouldn't have been painting if I was pregnant, but I wanted by baby to come into this world with beautiful surroundings, not dull beige. And I had no one to help me out.

When I thought about it, mixing blue and pink together should have gotten yellow. It makes no sense to a scientist like my sister. "You're stupid." She had said on the phone.

But for a creative writer like myself, it made perfect sense.

When I had first gotten pregnant, Sandra, my sister gave me a yellow blanket. It was soft and warm. My baby's first gift. It was before I knew I was having a girl.

"Yellow, since pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Yellow is for either."

Why was yellow for either? Is it in the middle of blue and pink? Meeting halfway. No, because this beautiful Lilac color was. Alley kicked again. She knew I was right. She knew was I meant. She understood me. No one else in the world understood my assumption, that Lilac shouldn't be what comes when you mix pink and blue, that yellow should. No one but Alley.

The next colour is : mahogany. Have fun =)


The End

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