My left shoe's Faded Black!

Faded Black - 

Shivani woke up, tired, exhausted and wishing she could get a good night's sleep for the life of her. It was hard though, harder than she had initially thought it would be. She felt stretched, worn out after the ordeal of the last week. In the span of a few minutes she'd lost her faith in people, in the span of a few hours, she'd lost her confidence in her ability to hold her self up and in the span of a few days she'd lost whatever semblance of a life she had once been so convinced she was living. 

Her boyfriend had dumped her, or so it would seem after his refusing to talk to her anymore or even to look at her. Friends she had thought would last her lifetime had suddenly decided that they'd side against her. A life she had thought was finally looking up was suddenly sinking to a level lower than the one she'd known before and all of this for no apparent reason. Amidst the crumbling debris that now surrounded her, she couldn't quite figure out what had gone wrong. Without anything to explain it, she felt herself beginning, as she always had, to find fault within herself. She questioned her own merit as a friend as a companion and she sunk deeper and deeper into her acidic thoughts, she felt her heart grow weary... faded black, she thought. Black it had always been for she had never been perfect... and faded after all these years of hurt; of thinking that it was safe to trust someone, love someone only to be let down again and again...

And faded black was the color of her heart...



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The End

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