A Splash of Coral on Monday's Grey Canvas

Coral. A good color if I do say so myself. Plucking the decided hat off the coat hook, I twirled it once, and plopped it on my head.

It was monday--my least favorite way to start a week. But I wasn't on the calender crew so I cut the complaining. Afterall, I had a class to catch.

Inhaling a bowl of cereal and jumping into my sneakers, I rushed out the door only to pause in mid stride--I had forgotten my backpack. Turning on my heel, I marched defiantly back to retrieve my pack. Swinging it on my shoulder and winning a good whiff of pencil shavings, I headed for my trusty ol' 1980's bike.

Most had cars and jobs to pay for them--but most didn't  have a coral colored hat. Thus, all men were made equal.

I held onto my pinkish friend as the whirring spokes kicked up a good breeze. I could feel the sun's warm hand on my neck and could hear the honks, buzzes, and beeps of the city symphony.

Just me and my favorite hat--nothing but a shower could seperate us.

Next color is...(drum roll please)... the general color of the left shoe you are presently wearing on your left foot.

The End

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