Turqoise--Took My Breath Away

Turquoise. Forever in my mind the color of serenity. The color of the most distant of breezes and the most distant of crashing waves. The color of clean, pure air. The color of feeling lifted from this earth. The day had been overcast, the chance of a storm almost cost us our trip. "It's alright. We'll still go. At least for this next group," the small motor boat's captain had said. We three into the boat and out of the harbor into the ocean. Harnessed, buckled and placed. I had wished for the ideal day for this to happen. I was actually a little disappointed. The gloom of the weather would no doubt tamper the joy of what we were about to see. Released, the large parachute, and we three with it. Away from the boat and into the air. My stomach bounced. I was excited. As we ascended, hanging in nothing but the wind, the ocean took on a new look. In my ecstasy I looked at a storm-ready ocean transformed to turquoise. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. A companion pointed. I looked to where fevers of sting rays broke above and fell below the water's surface, white subtle white punctures in their wake. A watery world of turquoise, alive and moving, was all I saw, and in perfect serenity is all I see.

Oh, I almost forgot to pick the next color. Let's go with...Coral!

The End

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