That Primrose Locket

The gold locket around her neck was faded; exactly as she had always liked.  It didn't matter, every time I saw her with that locket on I froze up.  Don't get me wrong, she was breath taking in anything, but that locket . . . that locket held all the power in the world over me.  It was the first thing I had given her, what felt like centuries and only a few hours ago was really decades gone.

And now this.  That locket around her neck calling to me as they closed the casket.  Inside was a picture of us, both smiling and happy.  I can still remember that day as if it were just yesterday.  As if she were laying next to me under that oak in autumn again.  The faded yellow leaf she had picked up and showed me; primrose, she told me, was her favorite color.  I had gotten her that locket immediately after and told them I wanted it to seem almost weathered.  To seem like it had been through a lot.  And now it has been, I almost can't believe she's gone.

The next color is Violet.

The End

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