Jasper- a Beginning and an End

Black. It was the only color in sight. My grandmother would have never wanted it that way. She was always so full of life,  and her world was never a shade darker than the brightest yellow. Her funeral shouldn't have been any different.

"Hun. It's time to go now."  My mom reassured me by placing her hand on my shoulder, but it didn't help. My grandma was still gone, and wasn't coming back.

Numbly, I went through the next few days without emotion- not speaking, not eating, nothing. It was all I could do to survive.

I had been the closest to my grandma- we had been so alike, almost twins, in everything we did. Nobody in my family understood how much I would miss her, or how a part of me was missing.

"Jess, there's something your grandma left you in her will." The mention of my name brought me to attention, and I looked straight to my father, waiting for him to continue. "Here. Take it."

He pulled out a small golden chain, with a single stone on it, a Jasper stone. My mind flashed back to when I had first seen the stone and I smiled at the memory.

"You've heard about the Poppy Jasper haven't you,  Jessica?" My grandmother had spoken, a twinkle in her eye.  "It's been said it has ability to inspire a positve and joyful attitude. Wear this, and you'll never be sad again!" She joked, placing the  Jasper stone back inside her shirt, and away from sight.

I took the stone from my father's hand and carefully put the necklace on. Just having it next to my skin made me feel closer to my grandmother. I looked up, and searched the skies.

Maybe my grandmother wasn't as far away as she seemed. Maybe she was right there, watching me. Maybe this wasn't an ending for her and me, but a beginning, and a new outlook to life.


Next color:  -Primrose-


The End

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