The Life Of A Flower

Chartreuse, green little sprouts

Peeping from the ground

Ascending, up

Waiting for rain

To sate their hungry roots.

When they reach up, their limbs grow

And little green buds

Open, revealing

Delicate colours,

Pleasing to the eye.

People go by,

Sniffing at the flowers

Now hanging from the plants

Smiling with joy

This beautiful flower!

They exclaim.

Later, they walk by

Not caring to stop

When the flowers drop

And the vigour leaves them.

But a few little seeds

In the wind fly by,

Landing on the ground,

Starting anew...

Spring arrives,

People walk by,

Not even noticing

The bright little sprouts,

Chartreuse green,

Peeping from the ground.


The next colour: Jasper

The End

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