The White Dress

Miranda stared at the lacy white dress that lay on her bed.

The dress's top was a strapless sweetheart neck made of white silky material. Then the dress flowed down to what would be her knees with the same white fabric covered in a white lace overlay. A giant lace bow was tied in the back.

Her blue eyes filled with tears of frustration. her lips curled down in distaste. A quiet sob slipped up from her throat. The fourteen year old squeezed her eyes shut to prevent the tears from falling.

"Mandy?" a voice called from outside her bedroom door. Miranda gritted her teeth and didn't answer. "Mandy?" A quiet triple rap on her white door.

Ugh. White. Miranda thought bitterly.

Her door squeaked open. An older but similar face poked in. "What do you want, mom?" Miranda shot at her.

"Don't give me that tone. I just wanted to know what you thought of your Confirmation dress," Miranda's mom reprimanded. Her graying hair was pulled back with a bandana. A white bandana. Miranda groaned loudly.

She glared piercingly. "I hate it! It's terrible! I told you I didn't want anything old! This is something you would've gotten married in! It's absolutely hideous! Why did you go without me?! Why would you do this to me?!" the blonde girl yelled.

"Why would I do this to you?" her mom echoed. Her throat clogged. "That's really ungrateful sounding of you. I went out and bought you a beautiful dress for a special day."

"How could I be grateful for you sneaking behind my back and buying this ugly lacy dishrag?! Everyone will make fun of me! You don't know my taste at all! I hate white! It's so boring and stands for purity! Anything is better than white! And lace!" She grabbed the lace lining at the bottom of the dress. "I HATE LACE!" she screamed.

Miranda's mom crossed her arms. Her pale blue eyes had deep circles under them. They made her look exhausted. "Are you done?" she asked her heavily breathing daughter. Miranda nodded stiffly. "I brought this in because I knew you didn't like white much, or lace, but I liked the sweetheart neck at the top. And it was the only thing we could really afford what with your dad's physical therapy bills." She held out an astonishingly blue strip of fabric, a blue so bright it was like the sky in their hometown, Phoenix, Arizona.

In two hours, Miranda's mom had replaced the lacy bow with a braided blue belt. Plus, she'd expertly cut off the lace and white fabric, only to sew a blue skirt to the top.

Miranda dried her angry tears and tried on the redesigned dress. The hem now hit a few inches above her knee, and the white shone when next to the brilliant blue.

Miranda thanked her mother and apologized. In her head, she thought, Maybe all white isn't so bad after all. As long as it's not by itself.

Next color: Chartreuse (Good luck with that xP )

The End

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