Indigo--Sinking in

The man looked at his hand. He looked up his arm, along the white, hairy skin that led to his neck. He stared at himself in the mirror. Hooded eyes, heavy jaw. "Neanderthal," he murmured. He shoved a hand through his hair, pushing skin through strands of red fire. His fist intertwined itself with it, tightening over a chunk. He pulled, as hard as he could.

His scalp screamed with pain, but his spaghetti-like arm continued to pull until a piece came away in his hand. He looked down at the limp hair. It had lost its shine, like a flower picked for its beauty, then left on the kitchen table to wilt. He returned his gaze to the mirror, engulfing himself in the indigo-blue eyes staring back at him.

Next color: Rust

The End

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