"Midnight." She said.  "Midnight for the gown? O, what a color. How about black?" Said the dress maker. "No, Midnight. If you knew..." she said.  The dress was to be midnight like the bats, the one she turned into. If it was black it would show, it must be the color of her skin. The eyes of the  bat must match the gown and her hair. She was glad when it was done. She danced around and giggled.  She want to the dance and turned with no fear.  She looked like a bat, nobody could tell that the bat was Midnight. HA! She thought, It is I!  I can fly like a bat can't I? In the gown colored midnight, like my hair, like my eyes, like my outfits, like my purse, and like my gown! HA!


Next color-  Lime

The End

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