Mustard Dress.

Holly stared down at her mustard-coloured dress, tears pricking at her eyes. It had looked a lot different in the catalogue, happy and bright. Now it just looked dull and like something her Nan would wear. She stared into the full-length mirror, trying to make the figure-hugging dress look nice. She just couldn't, it was awful.

She let the tears run freely, not caring that it smudged her beautiful makeup. She walked around her box-sized room, tracing her fingers along child hood memories, letting herself sink into her thought.

She was awakened by her best friend, and date for the night. Damian stood in a Tuxedo at her door. Silently he came into the room and gently grabbed her hands, staring into her hazel eyes.

"Your mother told me what happened, its okay." He broke the silence that fell between them. "You look beautiful."

Holly was shocked; nobody had ever called her beautiful.

"You mean that?" She asked, staring back.

"Of course." He said. "I'm going to do something Holly..."

She was about to ask what but he lent down and kissed her in a way nobody had ever done before, his gentle mouth caressing hers. She leaned in closer, embracing him. Holly knew this was love,

Next Colour : Fuchsia


The End

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