Caramel Beauty

She danced around the room, dressed in her dazzling white dress. It hung to her in all the right places and complimented her caramel complexion. She was a vision of beauty. 

She looked at me through her dark eyes, smiling that innocent smile. I got up to approach her, but someone else took her hand. I watched as she was whisked around the large room, all the while laughing. 

She was so talented. Every move was graceful and she seemed to own the dance floor. Her white dress spun around as she moved, allowing me a glance at her smooth legs. I wanted to jump up and take her from the man. I wanted her to myself, to trace my fingers down her tanned arms. To brush them through her long, wavy hair. 

I tried to remember her smell; that gentle mixture of sweet flowers. She shook her hips and I laughed as she showed off her brilliant curves. 

She made her excuses and left the man. Staring at nothing but me, she walked closer and my heart jumped. She had captured it so long ago, to keep it safe forever. Forever. I rolled the words over my tongue. It sounded so long, but with her it didn't seem enough.

She reached for my hand and pulled it to her beautifully defined lips. 

"Hello, my husband." She whispered and leant in closer to me. 



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The End

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