Husky Blue~~Shattered


A cold breath of air tussled her hair, kissing her cheeks and ruffling her lashes, laced with grey-blue tears. The bitter wind sent her traces of tears onto the wind, drifting into the heavy winter sky streaked with bleak blues.

Her brilliant eyes were cracked, showing into a broken heart. Broken hearts, broken vows, broken lives. The world was cold and bitter, a world that had falsly showed her Spring bright with blooms, laughter, and love, following with Summer, rich with sunshine and passion. Winter, cruel and wicked in it's wrath, had brought pain and somber, scattering the life, the love, that had once been.

Husky blue cystals of ice floated from sky, like the shattered pieces that was her dreams and hopes, biting at her face. With trembling fingers, she tore the locket that hung from her neck and tossed it into the wind. It dropped to the rocky grey ground and cracked perfectly in two at her feet. The wind hushed, and ice turned to rain, chilled tears soaking her face.

~~The next color is caramel~~

The End

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