Charcoal--Watching the Flames

I stared into the firebowl, watching the orange and yellow flames leap around the blackened wood. The smell of cedar smoke filled my nose. I breathed it in deep; it was my favorite smell in the world. I picked up a twig and held it over the fire until it caught. The tip turned white from heat, and the small flame went out. As it cooled, the twig turned into charcoal. The flames danced for me, but also seemed to dance only for themselves. I took a bite of a piece of chocolate from the plate of S'more's ingredients. If I could get away with it, I never actually made S'mores. I either ate just the chocolate, or just the marshmallows. I tossed some more wood on the fire. Tomorrow morning, the only proof that I had ever lit this fire would be a big pile of charcoal.


Hmm...The next color will be...Cyan.

The End

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