Razzmatazz (?)

It was quiet, calm, soothing. He sat on the top of a snowy mountain, secluded in the Swiss Alps. His legs swung over the edge of the ledge he was sitting on, and he leaned back, his old wooden staff lying neatly across his lap. He smiled to himself, watching as the sun set, the sky turning from the blue of day to a mix of lilac purples, oranges, summery yellows, and razzmatazz pinks. Slowly the temperature became cooler, and as the last rays of the sun ducked below the horizon, a crisp winter breeze blew across the Alps. Any normal person would be uncomfortably chilly, then again, any normal person wouldn't be in his position either. However, he was content, and he sighed as the brights stars started appearing, scattered across the inky blue sky. After so many years, he still hadn't grown tired of watching the sun set. Of all the many things he could do, whether it be viewed as a gift or a curse, he was still dazzled by the ordinary things.

He lay back and closed his eyes. The adrenaline from previous events was finally starting to drift away. He'd had quite a day. He brought his hand up to his frosty, albino hair, clutching it. He squeezed his eyes shut tighter and tried to remember a different time. A simpler time. When his hair was still brown, when he had a sister, and a mother, and a home. There used to be a time when an icy tear drop would roll down his cheek, crystalizing before falling from his face, but he wasn't sad anymore. He'd been granted a privilege by the moon, and recently, an even greater responsibility had been bestowed upon him, and he wasn't going to fail.


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The End

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