Snow blows

Blasts of fresh winter air was whipping across his pale face, any normal person probably would of gotten frostbite but considering he was the one and only Jack Frost, it didn't affect him at all. The only thing that probably annoyed him about the wind was while he was soaring his snow white hair was getting into his eyes. Angrily his tried to blow it out of his line of vision, causing him to lose focus of his direction and next he was being hurrled toward a chimney. The loud bang could be hard for miles. Jack slid down the side of the roof until he was face to face with a large periwinkle blue snowflake. He glared at it for a moment then he chuckled. Oh the irony. Jack didn't bother getting up he just laid there and stared up at the sky smilling. Today was going to be a snow day.


Your colour is: Razzmatazz

The End

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