Pale Green - Grass Stains

I looked at my knees, an exasperating sigh soon following on my lips. I had grass stains, they were very pale green, hardly there, and yet, it was exactly what could ruin my day.

It's not like I hadn't ever had a grass stain before. In contrast, I'm sure I had grass stains on the majority of my jeans. And frankly, that was just who I was.

I couldn't change for my last boyfriend, and that's why he dumped me. Said I wasn't "girly enough." Frankly, I took it as a compliment.

Still, the grass stains were a heavy reminder on how much I would never be that kind of girl. You know the type, perfect hair, perfect face, "damsel in distress" type. It sucked knowing guys weren't exactly going to see you in any other light then just one of them.

"Don't worry El, you don't need guys like him." Ky, my best friend assured, as he punched me in the arm.

"Eh, I'm already over him." I decided, right as I said it.

Grass stains or no, boyfriend or no, I was going to be me and there was nothing anybody could change.

"Great, then another round of football?" Ky asked, wiggling his eyebrows at me, along with the football in his hand.

"You're on." I grinned and ran straight towards the field, glad for whatever grass stains to come.


Next Color: Periwinkle Blue!

The End

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