You can't exactly call it pink

My closest friend literally had me cornered.

I was expecting this, but still couldn't believe what he had just told me. I don't want to think of him as scum, like my ex-boyfriends were. He's different, right? The others won't ever be able to measure up to Kyle. . . .will they?

"You want proof that I'm different from the others, right?" Kyle demanded.

"Of course I want proof!"

"Really, Penny? Saying how much I care for you isn't enough?"

God, help me. He looks like he might cry. . . .

"You said you're different. Think of something that will make me believe you."

"Fine! I'll think of something!"

Kyle stepped back and began to pace in front of me.

Then, he stopped. "I know! Do you remember what you wore to school on your birthday?"

"Um, no. That was, like, three months ago." What was he thinking?

"I do."

"Then tell me."

"Mostly white, but the t-shirt was a different color." he said, tapping his finger against his forehead. "Hmm. . .it's too light to be purple, but you can't exactly call it pink. . .what was the name. . .I learned the name of that color in art class the day before. . ."

"Kyle, it's enough that you can even remember that-"

"I know!" he snapped his fingers. "Puce. The French name for the Pennyroyal flower."

"What's a Pennyroyal?"

"A flower. I dunno what it looks like, but I remembered because it had your name in it."

Next color: pale green

The End

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