Electric Blue - David

Raindrops fall in sporadic showers throughout the area. The ground has been drenched for days; the sky is known to never sew together the breach in its dam. A sole umbrella wanders down the rows and rows of blocks in the grass, carried by a cloaked figure.

She kneels before a carved stone and gently brushes away the muck that has gathered there within the past year. No other relatives or friends have bothered to stop by; obviously they don't remember anymore. The words inscribed upon the headstone force tears to fall from her eyes.

The roses that were hidden beneath her peacoat are revealed, as she carefully places them on the ground before the marker. Despite the rain, she removes the umbrella from above her head and merely waits.

She remembers, even though no one else does. She remembers his warm glance and the twisted grin he would give her this day each year. He knew that she had baked a cake and decorated it in the most elaborate of fashions. He knew that she'd made it his favorite way.

But now... all that was left of him was the lifeless body rotting beneath the mud. Electric blue eyes covered by cold lids. She would never see his beautiful eyes again.

Suddenly, she feels a breath of wind across her cheek, wiping the tears away. "I love you, David," she whispers. "I love you, my son."

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The End

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