aquamarine, the gentle lullaby of the ocean

It seems like I'm always on this rowboat. Rocking back and forth, back and forth. The waves are singing their smooth lullaby. Swish, Swish. The water that once has driven me to insanity is now rocking me to sleep. I look into the beautiful blue ocean. It's enchanting, persuading me to jump into its calm waters. Not long now. Someday, help will come. It's been days since the storm that left me stranded in this rowboat. help can't be long. It just can't be! While I gently rock, I fall into a deep sleep. it I have to be stranded out here any longer, I fear I will never wake up from my nightly sleep. I will die of thirst before my rescuer comes. Nobody cares about the abandoned slave.

Next color: tangerine orange (I know it's already been done, but I want someone else to do it as well. Get a different perspective on this activity.)

The End

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