Violet: Symbolic

It was a beautiful day today.  He hated it, loved it. Beautiful days gave him mixed emotions as of late. Assuming you had guessed, Jay hated the beautiful day because something terrible had happened the last time he noted a beautiful day. He loved it because it reminded him of her.  The exquisite, perfect hands, once soft, but now hardened by wielding a sword. The long, flowing hair let loose in the wind, billowing softly behind her. The perfect form of her body as she moved among the violets, the hem of her white dress skimming the flowers as if it had always seemed so natural. Violet, the color of kings. Violet, the color of a robe envied by all others. Violet, the color of Shyanne's eyes. The eyes Jay had sworn to keep pain out of. But the kind of pain he saw brought him down to his knees. It was a sad pain, yet a good kind of pain that completed what he now knew had been missing inside Shy.  It was loss, rejection, and fear, all overcome by foundation, peace and the forced task of leadership. It was a cute, introverted girl transformed into a Goddess of old, a beautiful young woman capable and loving in every way. He was becoming one with her in every way, but that wasn't what frightened and strengthened him all at once.

The love Jay saw in his young bride's eyes nearly startled him, the same way he had been startled when he first noticed her violet eyes.

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The End

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