Sky- fluffy cloud white

By myself walking in this field. I never knew where I was going. Colasping on the ground, I grabbed a handfull of the tall grass. Threw it and watched it sail on the breeze across the sea of endless green, dotted with the flowers dancing in the breeze of the crisp morning.

There I lay on the ground staring at the sky. The clouds blocking most of the sunlight but yet, leaving most of the sky that pure blue. They formed shape, hearts, triangles, a bunny on a unicycle. Silly childish things that reminded me of the child within. Sometimes we give up that pure white imaginitive self within. We forgot who we once were, or we simply don't want to remeber it. I get up and continue to head towards that tree in the distance. Leaving that field. Within myself.

I wake up.

Colour: violet


The End

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