Darkened Hallway

I was all alone. The cardinal red curtains were drawn, darkening the hallway. The tapping of my black shoes on the cobblestone floor was the only noise that could be heard throughout the corridor. My long black dress swayed at my ankles. I jumped as the grandfather clock at the beginning of the hallway chimed, marking my twelveth hour in this place. I hated being locked up, it wasn't fair. Thankfully, as I mentioned before, I was alone. And this meant that nothing, and nobody was going to stop me from leaving. I reached the end of the hallway, and pushed open the doors. The cool night air brushed my face, it felt nice, I took in a big breath of the damp air. I took one step outside, I was about to run down the stairs, down the street and far away from this awful place. This is what I wanted to do. But in life, we don't always get what we want. I gasped as I felt a firm hand on my shoulder, and felt the tears coming as I was drawn back inside, the doors closing after me.

The next colour is raspberry red.

The End

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