Color: Puce

Maria was so beautiful. Wearing  beautiful white dresses with pink lace and ribbons. Jenny was so wonderful. Wearing her red dress and beautiful pink tights. Sienna is so amazing when she was wearing her pink headband and  beautiful pink shoes...everyone is wearing pink this year!

Making a decision, I asked mom to get me a pink dress with pink ribbons and pink tights and pink shoes and a pink headband...Now I'll be the talk of the school, The Pinkest Strawberry of all!

"Mary, I'm home!" mom yelled! 'Yes!' I thought, 'She has my pink cloths!' but when I ran upstairs to get them every single item that she was getting me was PUCE! "MOM!!" I whined. She shrugged, "this was the only pink the department store had!"

Let's just say, I never wore those cloths...and I was never as popular as Marsha or Jenny or Sienna, all because my mother bought me a puce outfit instead of pink.

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The End

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