Colour: Peach

Ruttiger took another bite from the succulent fruit and felt its juice splash lightly across his cheek. He sighed contentedly as he held the peach up to the fluorescent interior light and considered it.

"Kinda strange..." he announced thoughtfully. "Peaches aren't really peach coloured, are they?"

A muffled grunt sounded from the room's only other occupant.

"I mean..." Ruttiger continued to lecture. "They're kinda yellow, with spots of red... But if I was going into pick out a peach-coloured paint scheme for my gazebo, it'd be more of a skin-tone..."

He pressed his thumb into the fruit's amber flesh and watched the juice drip into his lap as he pushed himself deeper into the comfortable foton.

"Break the flesh, and the fruit bruises..." he mumbled absently to himself.

Ruttiger picked up the hunting knife from his side, and sat up to face the basements only other resident.

The bound woman's tear stained cheeks caught Ruttigers eye, as her eyes flashed desperately around the small confined space.

Her soft, rounded, peach-toned cheeks...

"You're blushing," he said pointedly as he thumbed the edge of the knife.

New Colour: Puce

The End

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