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Read »Poetry »ikea


Page published by Gwendoline on February 20, 2011.


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draw us in with your swedish charms

drown us in pristine plastic

unleash your visual smorgasbord

with your primary colours fantastic

drizzle us with your meatball sauce

in gingham you do smother

submerge us  in your carpentry quirks

you big scandanavian mother....



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JamesBematt Praise posted Feb 20 '11 I love this... Its really captures Ikea's essence. Made me so want to go... :D like | dislike | reply Small Medium Large | Markers | Feed FeedRemove markerAdd a marker

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The Goods

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Just for Fun

You're currently reading the poem ikea, which was posted on February 20, 2011 by Gwendoline.

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Show ineligible groups Close Ebony, are you really black?

or are you a mixture?

a kaleidascope of broken shapes

colours muted by the same hue?

I think you are deeper than you look

I think you are multi-faceted

for when the light catches you,

you shine,

you are glistening,you are shimmering!

but when the sunshine fades

you look kind of dull

like matt

like flat

like you've got no colour

That feels like me,

like Ebony.


The End

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