Copper Kisses

It wasn't something she saw, so much as she felt: the intense and unrelenting gaze of an unholy creature.

"Be ye demon, come to prey upon my wake? Or be ye feind?" She whispered, turning slowly to gaze upon the pair of yellow eyes, glimmering out of the darkness, copper eyes. They were unmoving, cold like icy metal, foreboding.

She groped against her neck for the silver cross, hollow inside, to put holy-water in. "Lord bless all creatures, o despit," cried she, "Who live by his good will. And ye, ye is not one!" She flung the vial in the direction of the eyes, ignoring the blood in her nose and mouth as she let them go and, with a startled, menacing crash, the creature fled from its corner, to rid her of all evil. "Lord bless thee," she whispered, in their depart.

*                                     *                                  *                                     *

"Dr. Robinson?" The young nurse wrung his hands. "We have ...a situation... with your patient, Miss Gloria Harper, in the psychiactric ward..."

The doctor swept a copper-tinted hand across his forehead. "What appears to be the problem?"

The nurse shuddered. " appears she was frightened by the tinted streetlights out her window, and...and...she threw her breathing tube and heart monitor at them. Out the's broken..."

Next color: true ebony

The End

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