The Colour-Me-A-Paragraph Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to except it, is to write a paragraph - may it be dialogue, a description, part of a solilioqy or a diary - inspired by a specific colour chosen by the person who writes the previous chapter, e.g. I write a paragraph and choose the colour 'red', then the person after me writes a paragraph inspired by the colour red. Not as easy as it sounds, but give it a go!

Okay, here we go!


(it doesnt have to be a straight colour like red or blue or green, it can be anything, like amethyst or crimson or rose, whatever you want!)

Emalia looked into the mirror again. Two inky eyes, small straight nose, thin-lipped mouth, high cheekbones. Dainty features. She could be pretty. Maybe she was. Other people told her so. Yet maybe her parents didn't count, as they were supposed to tell her she was pretty, weren't they? Emalia frowned. Clear black eyes, small nose, small mouth, small face. A ballet dancer's face, like the ones she had seen dance in the streets at Yuletide, their tiny pixie faces tight with concentration, hair swept back in elegant twists, toes pointing perfectly in satin ballet slippers. Faces much prettier than hers. Emalia was jade with jealousy of them. did I do? Now its your turn!

COLOUR: Charcoal

Give it a go - you might surprise yourself!

The End

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