Rescue, well, sorta.Mature

Lumen didn't believe it. He didn't want to believe it. If it was true, what would he do?

Get the authorities.... a cynnical voice countered. 

"Castien can take of himself, Amelia."

"No, he was in the Shadow District."

Uh-oh, more of the good and evil touchy stereotypes.

"Castien is skilled in the arts of dark magic. Believe me, if someone tries to mug him, he can take care of himself-"

"He was being followed."

Lumen was full on staring at her now. He was right. Castien was right. This situation was going to get out of hand. If what Amelia was saying is true...that means not only Castien was in danger, but all of the professors where. But how did they, the people trying to get the weapon, did they get hold of their findings so fast?

A spy.

No, that's just silly Lumen.

Think about it, Lumen. How else would they know about this to begin with?

They knew about it before we meddled with this.

All the more reason it is better we got involved. At least now we know there's a threat of a secret organization trying to take over the world. 

Yeah, but it's my job as a professor to do so, Lumen.

But it is as being part of a decent mortal being.

Lumen continued to argue in his head. Finally, Amelia, who was normally patient, started tapping her foot and playing with her fingures.

"Please professor Angelo. Castien's in danger." 

It was her eyes that convinced Lumen. Those sweet and innocent eyes.

"Fine. But I'll need to get someone first."


"Yes. Tenebris, otherwise known as Professor Daemond."

The End

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