Amelia was curious as to why she was included in this secret project, especially since she had no powers. But she was even more curious as to what the project was about. She wanted to do some digging, but had to finish working first. She'd already wasted enough time in the meeting.

Her thoughts stayed on Lumen's words the rest of the day, wondering what they could mean. She was obviously part of the group now, but how or why she didn't know.

These thoughts helped her to finish her work early. So she grabbed a quick dinner and decided to go for a walk. She saw a flicker of a shadow and turned her head.

She saw Castien walking, seeming to follow something but what she couldn't see. She called his name, but he didn't seem to hear. So she decided to follow him.

She saw him go down an alley. She couldn't see anything, but she could sense that something was wrong.

When Castien didn't come out for a while, Amelia started to worry. She went to the only other person she knew. She knocked on the door and heard it open.

"Lumen, I think Castien might be in trouble."

The End

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