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Castien raised both hands in the air, attempting to silence the outraged shouting of the professors. After they all quieted down, there was some heated discussion which led to the decision that more research was needed and all of the professors should continue working with the resources they had until more could be discovered. Castien would have thought, as he later angrily reflected, that this much should have been obvious.

As Castien returned to his study for some more research into his own - as of yet unrevealed - portion of the project, he was surprised to see the door propped open. Immediately, Castien began casting detection spells, trying to see who could have been in his quarters, which were surely one of the best-protected. Nothing was revealed to Castien through the spell, save for a feeling of intense malice.

As Castien entered his room, he looked about him for any signs of disturbance. Nothing was out of place, that he could see. Everything looked relatively normal; yet still, he could not shake the feeling that someone, or something, was here with him, and its presence was, to put it mildly, discomforting to Castien. He approached his desk slowly and took from within the ancient book, which he laid out on the surface of his desk carefully, then flipped open and began his research.

Moments later, Castien heard a faint padding sound on the floor of his room. Looking around for some sign of what had been stalking him for so long now, he found only a dog. It was large and black, and it came towards him and sat at his feet, looking up at him as if it were begging for a treat. It pressed its face against his side, then placed one large, clawed paw on his lap and waved its head toward the door, as if to say, "Follow me."

Castien rose from his seat, eyes locked on the creature, and followed it to the door. It eventually led him to the Shade Quarter - a place of ancient origin below the college's gate  to which entry was forbidden to all save a select few. Castien was not one of these few. It was here that, in darkness and secret, all of the ghosts of past heroes, conquerors, kings and nobles could be contacted. Looking again at the dog, which now Castien could see had a definite ghostly presence to it, he realized something.

"Of course," he said to himself. "The familiar of Lord Tayos." Castien struggled to make a connection, though; the killer of some old king didn't seem likely to have a connection to a spell from before mortal history. "What does that villain have to do with this kind of magic?"

Suddenly, the great dog leaped forward and shoved Castien into a pillar of some kind of energy that was in the middle of the chamber.

The End

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