The SecretMature

Everyone had arrived.

Lumen sat patiently behind Castien, who himself was standing in front of him at the Observatory's podium.

In front of them both sat a round table, eirily familiar to that at King Arthor's court and the Knights of the Round table. Instead of knights, however, there sat professors, one of each feild of study. Naturally, the best. Each hand selected by Castien himself.

And then there was the Girl, Amelia, standing frightened in her ragged apron, clutching a mop and carrying a surprised look. Castien motioned her in, though Lumen could tell from his irritated expression he didn't like the fact there was an....unexpected guest at their meeting tonight.

But afterall, Lumen thought, it was his descision to make this issue cloak and dagger. He shouldn't get annoyed at other people because of his desicion to run things.

"Close the door, please." Castien asked politely, though voice on edge.

Amelia persed her lips together, blushed, and quitely shut the door behind her. She quickly snuck a glance at Lumen, and when she saw him looking at her, went as red as hot air balloon. Lumen couldn't help but smile. She wasn't much younger then him.

"Thank you all for your patiences and arrival on such short notice, for the second time no less." He smirked, then said, "It's time I got you all out of the dark on this project, but first I'd like Professor Angelus to share his discovery,"

He outstretched his left arm to indicate Lumens presence. Lumen, who hated speaking in front of crowds, gave a short wave and tried looking at anything but the other professors. Even when speaking in front of your friends, Lumen felt uncomfortable being the center of attention. Everyone gracefully gave them their valuable respect, patience, thoughts and time, and he was suppose to live up to that importance. Like he was really all that distinguished.

As Lumen approached the Podium, Castien gave him a rough pat and sat in the chair he had sat in earlier. Lumen placed his notes on the, cluctched the podium, took a deep breath, and begun.

"As I was studying the ancient runes, well, I was perplexed. This Rune, as you see here is a Nephilim Rune, the ancestors of modern angels. This is common knowledge by now, the Nephilim Artifacts are extremely rare, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was the only Nephilim Tablet left in the world.

"Anyway, One would expect to find one of these illustrious artifacts in a more natural setting, like a forrest or the ocean or the mountains. But this was in a cave, and not just any caves, as Castien had told me, it was found in one of the entrances to the underworld."

There were a couple gasps, but many dismissive looks. Desmond Surrano, a potions teachers, seemed to go pale.

"This leads me to believe the underworld has taken some interest in the Nephilim, which we all know they never are-"

"The Underworld? Now that's a bit cliche," Stated the Spells Teacher, Profferso Blinc.

"I know, and I'm not sure what to make of this evidence, as I keep coming to the same questions, why does the Underworld need this? My only answer would be that it has some sort of value."

"They might be being framed," Tenebris spoke up. Lumen hesitated. The whole "good" and "evil" issues where a touchy subject...

"I'm not saying the Underworld was using it for crimminal purposes, but I believe it has high value, and the Underworld knew that. And it was being smuggled in-"

Before there were more protest, Castien interviened, placing an arm in front Lumen.

"Thank you, Professor Angelus, for your research. You may take a seat."

Lumen nodded, then turned towards his seat. He gulped, and sighed. He was shaking. He had upset people. He had caused divide. This was why he hate public speaking. He didn't mean to offend, just wanted to be intellectual.

"So, Lumen later told me his theory, that this holds an ancient spell, a spell that can end the world. But it's not a modern spell; it's not a phrase that can be muttered and it's duty is revealed. It needs key elements and ingredients to make it work. The African Triad," He motioned towards Tenebris, "The Gorgon Recipe," He motioned towards Professor Surrano. He nodded in Acknoledgement. Lumen knew it must have been his task, "And this ancient rune. Whatever connects these key figures is yet to be determined. But Scholars, Professors, and Servants," He winked at Amelia,

"We have in our hands the ability to destroy the world. And someones after this."

Everyone sitting at the table errupted in a clamour of murmurs and whispers. Even Amelia, who before just seemed dumbfounded, was now looking worried.

"Wait...there's more..." Castien paused, as though trying to find the right words. "I believe they know we have these. I think they, whoever they is, is going to attempt to steal these items and use them. And it's up to us to stop them. Any volunteers?"

Several Professors began shouting in outrage.

The End

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