Tenebris Mitchell Daemond was your average, yet not so average professor at Summershore College, like every professor. Some had their quirks and love and interest of their subjects, some had their deep secrets. For Tenebris, it was two things.

One is the Dark Arts. Lumen, his best friend who agreed with on a number of other subjects, never understood the power and advantages dark arts could provide. As he put it, "The Dark Arts is just that, Dark, and not for mortals to mess with." For Deamond, it was a different story.

It had once helped him defeat a gang of ogres in a downtown bar in the Capitol as well as a pack of fenris, not to mention a few Vampire Slayers who mistook him as one of the night creatures. Vampire Slayers had been abolished in the later part of the century by the king due to equal rights issue, but they were still in the under bellies of society for those rich aristocrats with corrupt dreams of a "perfect" society.

Not to mention, the dark arts was plain flat interesting. Most other feilds of study had few mysterys left. Either that, or they were apart of the mainstream cliche and heavily publisized. No, the Dark Arts was a different realm. It still had secrets to uncover. A dis-credited realm, but a fascinating realm no less.

The second, was Tenebris irrefutible love of creatures, organisms, and biology. His study of mortal and magical plants a like helped him gather the most rarest of ingredients for Desmond's Potion class. Many served as great herb medicines as well.

But beast, beast were his favorites. Gryffins were awe-inspiring, dragons just plain flat awesome, and phionix had  ineffably sublime beauty. Mortal creatures, too, like Otters, Red Pandas, Owls, Tigers, Cats, Dogs, Pigs, Whales, Sharks, Lions, Zebras, and so on, were equally fascinating all the same.

That's why when he had been given the instructions by Castien Elenveil to help in the recovery of some ancient fossils of ancient beast for his mysterious "project," that he could no longer sleep at night.

Course, it came at the cost of his classess, but a good break from the classroom for a chance of real feild study was always welcomed by all the professors, and always gratefully enjoyed. Of course, this wasn't an ordinary research assignment, it was an assignment under the guise of a vacation. Castien had preffered none of the professors share their little "projects." Teni always knew Castien never liked the dean, but why he was insisting we, not lie, but avoid giving the truth was unordinary behavior.

Nevertheless, Teni went, and it proved to be distracting enough he no longer questioned the subject.

In fact, he was in the middle of excuvating an ancient African Triad when he had rescieved a tap on the shoulder by a courier only be handed a letter. He snatched it from the courier, irritably ripped it open, and read the text. It was Castien's handwriting.

Professor Daemond,

I know you are probably in the middle of the first assignment I've asked you to complete, but it is urgent you return to Summershore. Lumen's made a discovery. An enlightening, profound, and somewhat  frightning discovery. I can't clarify for frear of interception. Don't leave tonight, but I'll need you here by tomorrow afternoon for another meeting. We'll exhcange notes on each others progress where I'll be able to clarify what exactly I've been keeping you all in the dark for.

Please also be warned, the Dean is also becoming suspicious. There was a murder in town a few days ago, and now a small refugee Girl who's parents have apparently left her has shown up at our doorstep. I think the events and our discovery may be linked. Things sure are becoming fishy around here.

Anyway, my apologies. Lumen warned me you love creatures, and hate being intterupted. But I think you'll understand once I explain.

Thanks again, - Castien.

P.S., Lumen also told me you are quite good at Dark Arts. Maybe we could share some secrets sometime?

Sighing in frustration, Teni ripped the letter. This was exactly why he had left the Royal meuseum. He never had time to study, to work. Always secret buisness and meetings. Whatever Lumen saw in this, so called, "academics," he'd never know. But if it was importent enought to alert him, might as well go.

 Teni slumped back over his fossil, and began to take as many notes and observations as he can before night fell.

The End

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