Thunderstorm Take 2Mature

Lumen was stumped. 

He had been hunched over the grey tablet for hours now, staring at the ancient rune sitting squarely on his desk. He couldn't concentrate on deciphering the runes. He was distracted. His thoughts kept wandering back to the events that unfolded that afternoon.

He was in class, teaching, Teni had come to get him, Professor Elenveil had revealed a new undertaking, he had asked Lumen and several others to help - he accepted - and then the next part was confusing. 

Castien had offered to show him where he had discovered the rare stone, what Lumen had identified as a Nephilim Rune. Everyone knew the Nephilim were one of the four ancient races that use to rule Earth before the Divine War eons ago. It was also common knowledge that the modern species of Angels where direct descendents from the Nephilim.

Their civilization had roamed the skies, built cities on and up in the clouds, and had the power to raise entire islands out of the oceans. Why had Castien found it in a dark, damp and murky cave?

He couldn't complain: It was probably the best and last preserved Nephilim Rune on Earth. He was grateful Castien would let him have it. But he was puzzled none the less.

Finally, he concluded he wasn't getting anywhere simply staring at it while he was deep in thought. The crack of lightning had told him it was time to call in for the night. But just as he was gathering his notes, and just as the storm was beginning to brew outside, there was a knock at the door. 

All the students are in bed...could it be a messenger? 

Lumen slowly crept towards the door. He could hear the loud puttering of rain on the windows. A roar of thunder cried out into the stormy night skies.

He opened the door.

"Who's there?" Lumen boomed, trying to sound intimidating.

He looked down to see a small, shivering girl, no older then 17. Her damp hair was dripping, and she was clutching a small suitcase in both her hands. 

"Help, please" She stammered. 


The End

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