The day started out normal enough. Amelia did all of her chores; cleaning the house, gardening, preparing the food. Although it was hard work, she strangely enjoyed it. It gave her life purpose, meaning.

But everything went downhill when her mom came home late.

And her dad didn't at all.

Amelia could hear nothing that her mom said through her tears. So instead of trying to decipher it, she slowly and calmly helped her mother to her feet and walked her to her room.

Then she went back to finishing up dinner, singing a happy tune. Once dinner was fully prepared, she walked into her mom's room.

"Mother, dinner is ready!" she called cheerily.

She was met be the breeze blowing through the curtains.

She saw a price of paper fluttering on her Mother's desk. She quickly stepped over and snatched it up, not prepared for what the note read.

Dearest Amy,

I love you very much dear, but I cannot continue on in life without your father. I'm sorry for this, but you must not know where either of us are.

Amelia couldn't even finish the letter, he own tear stains covering those of her mothers.

But that sadness quickly turned to anger.

Amelia squared her shoulders, her mind set. She grabbed her cloak and clipped it, heading out into a drastically growing thunderstorm.

She soon got lost in the mountains, her energy slowly fading out.

She saw a doorway and quickly ran over, using the last of her strength to knock on the door. The door opened.

"Who goes there?" boomed a loud voice.

Amelia winced, feeling herself go down.

"Help. Please." she said, her world going black around her.

The End

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