Secret MeetingMature

"Good morning class!"

The class seemed to reply "Good Morning", but it came out as...

"Goo Morn-eh....,"

"Right," Lumen  started, "Well, I'd like to assure now you that studying Ancient Runes isn't a complicated art like Dark Magic is. However, it is a unique feild of studying, one you'll find isn't similar to any of the other subjects."

The class gave no acknowledgment  

Taking no notice, Lumen spun on his heels to face the chalk board and commanded "Ma'hachd-tavode!"

A small piece of chalk leaped into the air and began copying Lumen's words.

Turning back to the class, he continued "That's ancient Dwarfish for "Repeat my words". Please note that although studying and translating ancient runes is a tricky subject, is very rewarding. For starters, some spells you translate can do things your never thought a spell could be invented of doing. They can be especially helpful in combat as the enemy won't be able to prepare for what you throw at them."

The class remained silent.

"For example, how 'bout this? Coryago!"

Golden rays of sunlight seemed to compact into thin rays, similar to a lazer. Rivers of light began flowing and twisting throughout the classroom like water in zero gravity. By the "oohs," "ahhs," and smiles, Lumen knew the class was impressed.

"Ohh, here's another one, one you can seriously kick ass with-Rotendfa!" A small model of a  skeleton behind Lumen's desk began to wiggle, then began shaking, until it was in a tantrum before it finally exploded. More "oohs" and "ahhs" followed...

"Oh! And here's one of me favorites! Me best friend Teni taught me this one,actually-"

There was a knock at the door. A opening of a squeaking door revealed the small head of Miss Jonesbee, school secretary.

"Excuse me, Professor, Mr. Daemond would like to have a word with you." She said. Lumen left the class in a state of murmmering and excitement.

"Teni! How are ya?" Lumen asked as he recognized his best friends face.

"Glad to see you too buddy, but we need to talk."

"Oh, what's the matter?"

"It's professor  Elenveil."

"Hmm...?" The idea was surprising to him. He and Castien weren't enemies, but they never really talked to each other as they didn't share much in common, much less their fields of expertise. While he was generally into the experimenting and remaking the dark arts, Lumen was into studying ancient tablets that held ancient forms of magic that he could rediscover and share with the world. 

"He's calling a meeting."

"What? The next College Council isn't for another 4 days-"

"He's not calling a College Council." Teni leaned in close, and whispered, "He's getting together a couple of the College's best professors for a meeting of some sort."

He leaned back out. "I'm not sure what for, but we were asked to meet in the Observatory in the Study Hall Building."

They began their journey: Lumen was lead out the door by Tenebris towards Study Hall. Lumen was distracted by his sence of curiosity and his gushing feeling of being flattered. Although Castien and him never really spoke, Lumen him to be a genius. For him to be considered as one of the smartest professors in the college BY the smartest Professor....

"Ogres Oatmeal," Teni announced to the door that was the enterance to the Observatory. It was opened by Professor Wrinkle, the Cultural Magic Studies professor, and they were both greeted by the scene of a round table, each chair occupied by one Professor of each feild of study. At the head of the table was Castien Elenviel. He seemed disgruntled.

"Please, sit." He said in a deep voice.

The End

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