Chapter 38 - TartusMature

We were walking through the desert with the rain cloud over our heads. Nytahl had seen a mass grave where her tribe was buried, she wasn't feeling to good. Raitoguchi was acting strange, and I knew why, because of that damned demon. Other than that the others were all low on morale. This desert was dragging us down.

We keep on walking and I notice that the sand becomes interspered with grass, and the farther we walked on the more grass there was upon the ground. After about a mile there was only grass and no sand.

"Lord, thank you for your providence, we no longer need the rain. Please Lord, give us safe passage into the town of Tartus."

As soon as I said this the rain stopped and the cloud blew away. We were walking through a meadow filled with beautiful flowers and grass as far as the eye could see, except far in the distance. There you could see the tiny pinprick of a town.

"There's Tartus!" I exclaimed, "We've made it. So we just need to go in there and find Yshmal."

After walking for so long it was comforting to see the city, everyone's spirits perked up and we began walking faster trying to get to the city and out of the wilderness quicker.

The End

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