36- A Different SamuraiMature


The samurai looked up at the cloud above with distaste.  How he hated rain.  And these people...  They acted so happy about it!  How he detested these people... Maybe for that fact alone.

 A darkness was growing inside him, he could feel it.  Ah yes, the seal had been removed, hadn't it?  That power was building up now.  He grinned at the thought of finally being able to release that strength.  Ah, if only he could get to that enemy now.  How much fun he would have.  If only he could face an enemy now.  Perhaps his companions would eventually be the ones he killed.  

That is, if they kept up with this cloud....

If Raitoguchi had been quiet before, now it would have been as if he no longer had vocal chords with which to speak.  He wordlessly moved away from the rest of the group out of the coldness of the cloud.  He let the sun warm his body and dry him off.  Ah, how good the sun felt!  They may think it scorching, but it was well enough for him!

Taito slipped out of his clothing onto his shoulder and shook furiously to get the water out of his fur. He didn't like the rain either, even if the sun was too hot.  He was happy before it started raining, when there was simply a shade over their heads.

Nythal turned to them, "What are you doing?  Idiot, get back under here before you burn yourself to death."

He scoffed at them, "I don't see how you people can stand it under there!  I'll stay here, thank you."

Shalius waved him off, "If he wants to burn out in the sun, let him."

The fox jumped from Raitoguchi and turned into a human as he landed on the ground, "Oh, come now~!  You're all so cruel!  I can't take this heat, but when I go into the shade I get all wet!!  Surely something can be done!"

Raitoguchi opened the front of his  uwagi, "Just get back inside.  My body is cooler than you would think."

Taito grimaced, "There's no way in Jigoku I would!  Do you know how awkward  that is?  I'd much rather walk."

"Fine.  So be it."

The others were simply growing annoyed with the complaints and arguments.  Raitoguchi could tell.  Especially the monk, who had called for the rain in the first place. However, he hardly cared.  He couldn't, really.  The fact that Kalton always threw such a fit over his god was more than enough of a reason to kill him, in Raitoguchi's eyes.

But I can't do that, he thought. Because everyone else is dependent upon him.  Weaklings, why am I here!?  I should go back and stay with Master, or go a different way altogether.  But if I did that, Master would be angry with me, and I can't have that.

The samurai sighed as he endured the companions he walked with.  He decided to just keep his mouth shut...  That is, unless they decided to start a fight with him...

Taito walked beside Raitoguchi.  There was really no reason to go to the others as they did not know nor trust him, and he liked being hot more than he liked being wet anyway.  So he crossed his arms and tucked his hands in his sleeves as they marched on.

The End

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