Chapter 35 - I hate deserts.Mature

I woke up early in the morning, completely frozen. Not literally of course, more figuratively than anything else. But I was cold. Because water is the only thing that stabilizes temperature. And it's because of this that makes deserts the coldest place in the world, at night. But now that it was early morning, it was beginning to warm up, and we had to get moving, and moving fast, if we wanted to get out of the desert alive. Or...

"Dear God, please send some rain."

There was no answer, or rain.

"Why no rain?"

Then there was a voice from the heavens that sounded similar to thunder. "You said so yourself, the idolaters denied the living water, and so they are not worthy of dead water."

"But, it's a wasteland now, and we're going through the worst part of it."

"I will guide you."

"Very well, Lord."

I sigh and notice Shalius and Nytahl looking at me strangely.

"How is it whenever you talk to your God the sky answers with thunder?" Shalius asks.

"Oh, it's not actually thunder, that's just how his voice sounds like. You mean you couldn't hear it?"

"No, I could hear it, I just didn't like it."

"Well, that's fair enough. But we have our passage to Tartus guaranteed."

"How do you know?"

I smile at Shalius, "He said so, and I trust him. And that's that."

Around this time Raitoguchi and Johnathan begin to stir. Soon, they are awake and we are all ready to go.

Shalius smirks at me, "So, where's your God right now? There's no rain, no trail of snow, nothing. You're God hasn't fallen through this time."

I nod, "Yet, but as soon as we embark it will happen."

Shalius sighs and stands up, "Fine, everyone let's get going."

And as we started to head due west a strange thing happened. There was a lone grey cloud in the sky that was drifting lazily along in the wind. Nytahl breathed in deeply through her nose, indicating that she smelt something. And then, as the grey cloud passed over us it stayed, covering us with shade. And then it let drop it's precious cargo, rain.

I laugh then look to Shalius, "I told you he would come through."

The End

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