Chapter- 34, Moving OnMature

Shalius Firion

Shalius woke up shortly after Raitoguchi waking up, Nytahl filled him on the details to the reason why he was different. It infuriated him but he dared not lash out at anyone, even if it was what Raitoguchi wanted, it seemed so wrong. He thanked Sekeroku for his help in making him stronger, and soon the the group worked their ways through the tunnels, the only few talking was  John, Nytahl, and Kalton. Shalius and Raitoguch kept to themselves. Shalius was still angry, but was beginning to settle down.  He would change things, gods, should stop dabbling in the lives of humans, and pretend to ba all high and mighty and act no better than them. He looked at Kalton, his god seemed different, but he did not agree with his god, no all gods where the same even ones that side on the human's side.

More time passed on and they had reached the surface which was nothing more then a dried up, dusted lake bed overfilled with sand, for what seemed to be endless miles ahead Shalius saw nothing of civilization, plant life, or water. This was a truly dismaying fact but Shalius smiled under the challenge.

"We're gonna have to move fast if we want to survive. I also be it's going to get really cold overnight so perhaps we'll sleep for the time being. Will be a wise move, then we'll move at night." Shalius advised.

"Yeah, this is probably a plan of action." Nytahl replied. The others agreed, and retreated back to the cavern while Shalius kept watch at the surface. After his rest he felt far to awake to go back to sleep.  They was nothing of particular interest on the desert to see, but it reminded him of a time back before the golden empires fall. He was lost in memories. That was until Nytahl joined him much later an hour or so before the sun would set behind the horizon.

"Are they still sleeping?" Shalius asked. She nodded repressing a yawn.

" I will take over if you want?"

"No, I've rested far to much, and even if I wanted to I feel like I could scale a mountain side." Shalius replied," Beside the sun has been up for many hours, meaning the nights will be shorter here anyways." 

" I see." she replied. 

The two sat in silence, something that Shalius wasn't used to, when he was in a woman's company, but he didn't mind, he had nothing to say except the anger he felt inwards. Was it the same as Nytahl's hatred towards the gods? Did the same thing happen to her?

The End

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