33- OkuninushiMature


The demon looked down at his subordinate as he continued the ritual.  He really did feel bad about this, but he felt it was the only way to protect him now. This seal was gone, and he could use his power, so Okuninushi couldn't take him.  And now he would have a brand, a sign to show any other demon that the young man was taken.  There would be nothing to fear now.

Okuninushi sighed and thought, Do you remember, Raitoguchi, how it was we first met?

The boy had been ten, eating with his family under the cherry blossom trees, when a group of bandits and killed his parents.  The child had gone crawling away into the bushes, covered in blood and terrified.  This was how Okuninushi had found him, and he had fallen in love at first sight.

No matter what, I won't let anything happen to you ever again, Rai.  I'll care for you always.

The samurai cried out as the ritual finished and he fell back on his master, exhausted and unconscious.  The god laid him down carefully and crossed over to the Kalton.

"Listen, monk," he growled.  "You will take care of him, look after him.  I have done everything I can.  I don't care what or how you see me, just know that if harm befalls him, I will kill you.  He is precious to me, and he may very well be the way for me to gain passage into Heaven once again."

Kalton glared and frowned, "The fact that you even hope to regain passage into Heaven is blasphemy.  I don't like you, nor will I ever, but you can be assured that I will watch over all of my friends.  Regardless of..."

Sekuroku grinned, "Having some trouble, 'god of healing'?"

"You shut up, traitor!" Okuninushi growled. "I don't care who you think you are, monk.  I have the powers of a god, even if they are not as strong as your own, and I will punish you for maltreatment of my boy.  I do not fear you.  Just do as I say."

Kalton lifted his head with a calm defiance in his eyes, "I will, but not because you say."

Okuninushi turned, "Good enough.  Now we must wait for him to recover."

Sekuroku looked down, "Your friend Shalius should be waking soon, but now you have to wait for this samurai.  Frustrating, isn't it?"

"Raitoguchi will only have to rest for a couple of minutes, then he will be fine," Okuninushi said.

Sekuroku chuckled, "If he does, he is most powerful.  But I doubt he will."

Oh, he will.  Isn't that right, Raitoguchi?

The End

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