Chapter 32 - I Can SeeMature

I stared a Raitoguchi as his god, Okuninushi, was performing a ritual, but what I saw I'm sure the others did not. Okuninushi looked to me as some fiery beast with horns reaching up for two inches. Claws that could gouge, teeth that could tear, and eyes that could stalk. He looked like a demon to me, a fallen angel. But I understood why the eyes of others were hidden, but still I wish that I could speak what I saw.

"Back away from him demon!" I screamed, but Nytahl put her hand on my shoulder.

She whispered into my ear, "You know the devotion you feel for your god?" I nod, "Well, he feels that very same devotion to his god. And you will never be able to convince him that hid god is a demon, much less a fallen angel. So, you must keep your mouth shut, regardless of what you see."

"You know about my sight?"

"Since you were staring at the walls and ceiling after screaming at Raitoguchi to get 'them' off him." She smiled, "I know what you see, not because I see it too, but because I once had a friend who could see the same things as you." She chuckles to herself, "He ended up being taken up to the sky in a chaiot that looked like it was on fire, drawn by horses made of fire themselves. And I think the same thing will happen to you my friend, when you complete this quest God gave you."

I look away, avoiding eye contact, then I look into her eyes. "Thank you, Nytahl. Are you sure, with all you've seen that you do not want to follow my God?"

She shook her head, "I've seen many people of many belief do great and impossible things. I have no doubt that there is a god, but which god that is I do not know. Perhaps wherever we end up will have the answer I seek, perhaps it doesn't, but I do know that I will have to get more knowledge before I make my decision, one way or the other."

"I understand."

I then look to Okuninushi, the demon, as he casts an enchantment around Raitoguchi. If it were not for the mystery of God, I would have casted that demon into Hell where it belonged, but for some reason God wanted this to continue. The time for their judgement had not yet come. I was not the conduit of judgement, just the warning for

The End

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