Chapter 30- An Utterly Insane ChallengeMature

Shalius Firion

The Sword that Kalton had given Shalius, did not feel right, it was a little unbalanced ,and the hilt seemed to be consuming some of his magic when he gripped it. However he did not say a word to Kalton, beggars aren't choosers.  Shalius turned to Sukeroku with a look of determination.

"Train me." He said grabbing the hilt of his sword. Sukeroku looked unimpressed with his rudeness of demaning to be trained but this did not change Shalius's position.

"An interesting proposistion, but I will not train you."

"Then I challenge you!" Shalius drew the sword.

"Shalius do you have any idea who you'r..." Shalius charged forwards ignoring Raitoguchi's advice. He slashed downwards with all of us strength, Sukeroku blocked using his left forearm a shock wave of power emanated from his body pushing Shalius back a few feet.  Shalius left no mark on Sukeroku, confusion rode his face and he jumped back reevaluating his strategy.

"Are you sure you want to continue this challenge?" Sukeroku asked politely.

" Of course! If I can't train with you, then I'll fight with you and until I beat you then I'm not leaving! I am not strong enough to just plop myself into the realm of gods, and arrogantly believe I will survive! I must get stronger!" He yelled releasing his a great amount of magic to compete with Sukeroku's presence.

"Shalius we haven't the time, and what makes you think you have a chance with him?" Nythal says impatiently.

"No he has the right Idea!" John says arming himself.

"Stay out of this John! I have to do this myself you can try after I'm done with him." Shalius snarled running at Sukeroku again with his weapon hand dragging ever so slightly behind him. He imagined his magic sharpening the edges of his blade in his mind. This time he would cut Sukeroku, this time he would force him to unsheathe his weapon! He brought his sword up to slash Sukeroku, again he lifted his forearm. Shaliuse moved quickly to the side and brought the blade down quickly. Sukeroku barely managing to block this time lifted his arm up which was now bleeding heavily.

"Impressive, its been a long time since someone has cut me." He said calmly throwing Shalius away from him," A very long time." This time he said a little more darkly.  He grabbed the hilt of his weapon worn on his left side, an ominous sound of a sword being unsheathed filled the cavern," There is a reason I turned down your request, not because you were rude. Its because I didn't believe any of you were at the level were you even threatened me. I was wrong. Shalius Firion I will honour your request, but please forgive me if I kill you." Sukeroku paused before saying, "Bleed them."

His sword glowed a bright red  and another shock wave of power hit Shalius this one sliding him backwards 10 feet. Where had Sukeroku found all of this power? Was he really a human!

"Do not hesitate Shalius!" Sukeroku said flashing rate in front of him. He moved his sword but his reaction seemed to move glacially compared to Sukeroku's amazing speed. Both of their blades hit each other sending violent sparks into the air.

"Very good, you barely managed that didn't you?"  He said," If you want you can have any one of your friends help you."

"No." He said firmly keeping Sukerok's kattana from cutting his face this required almost all of his strength.

"Foolish but maybe its a good thing to show you how foolishness is born from stubbornness." Sukeroku said seeming to annoy Shalius greatly.  Shalius yelled in pain as he forced Sukeroku's sword away from him, he charged but Sukeroku was behind him before he even noticed. He turned around but it was to late as his blade sliced across his abdomen and sent him crashing into a wall. 

"Already done Shalius?" Sukeroku called through the dust that had been kicked up. The others stood their slightly concerned for his well being but mostly annoyed at this hold up, and the fact that Shalius always seemed to be causing trouble and getting hurt. 

"No, I'm just getting started." His voice said strongly though the dust. He stepped out holding the blades forwards, a small pool of blood forming at his feet.  Sukeroku stepped forwards," Idiotic, your hardly standing!" Sukeroku roared," How dare you?" He  rushed forwards thrusting his blade at him. Shalius blocked with his sword hand and punched him with his left, Shalius and Sukeroku Slipped backwards ten feet before stopping.  A small explosion sounded from Shalius fist throwing Sukeroku back.

"How dare you underestimate me!" Shalius shouted at him raising his weapon releasing another bout of magic this time though it did not send a wave out it was concentrated around him to the point it started to give off an orange tinge.

"Oh where is this coming from? You had nothing left a minute ago." Sukeroku said in surprise. 

"What do you mean." Shalius said cockily jumping forwards swinging downwards meeting Sukeroku's blade , he swung again, and again, not giving Sukeroku the time to counter attack," Is this all your capable of?" Shalius taunted spinning around sending Sukeroku sliding backwards this time.  Sukeroku smiled shifting again behind Shalius, Shalius turned around striking his hand before Sukeroku could make his own attack.

"I see you cannot shift, but your reflexes have improved rapidly, so has your threshold for magic, but your skills ,agility, attacks are still basic." Sukeroku said striking  Shalius with such force he flew into the wall rate beside Kalton. The force of the blunt trauma made him spew blood from his mouth, Shalius kneeled towards Sukeroku the magic beginning to die away. "You also reached your limit for today, don't be hard on yourself your body is still trying to heal its wounds inflicted from Step. As much as Kalton healed your wounds Steps magic still leaves a mark on you." Shalius gasped getting back up shakily holding his sword, towards Sukeroku. The orange tinge returned.

"I'm not done." An Upwards pressure emanated from him the orange tinge darkened, distorting the blade that Kalton had given him. He raised the blade above his head," Crush." He said simply dropping the blade down upon Sukeroku the blade met Sukeroku's with such force Sukeroku's legs sunk into the the cavern floor. Something else was about to happen but thats when Shalius had truly hit his limit, the magic behind the blade dispersed, and sent him flying back into the wall. He slid to the ground exhausted but with a smile on his face.

"Thank you Sukeroku."

The End

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