Chapter 28- SukerokuMature

Awareness slowly started to come back to Nytahl. She could feel the throbbing in her  ravaged arm, the ache in her overworked muscles and the sounds of hidden creatures and whispering voices.

Gritting her teeth, she slowly sat up. A wave of dizziness swam through her, causing her to sway. She dug the fingers of her good hand into the dirt and clenched her teeth together and waited for the dizziness to pass. 

Feeling better enough to open her eyes, she looked around her and frowned when she saw Shalius slumped against the earthern wall.
"What happened to him?" She asked.
Raitoguchi looked over at her as paused from polishing his Katana.
"Had a run in with Step." He murmured. Nytahl grunted and looked down at her arm.

The skin on her arm was still ripped, exposing the muscle and bone. The muscle in her arm had started to scab over, with pus leaking through and blending with the small drops of blood that seeped through the scabs. She curled her lip and tore another strip off her clothing and wrapped it around the still raw wound.
She took a deep breath and got to her feet.

"Well, now that we're down here, does that mean that we're closer to finding Sukeroku?" She asked.
Johnathan sidled up to her and looked down the dark footpath that they had yet to venture down.
"Yes. He is down here somewhere, it is only a matter of time before we find him." He comented. Nytahl nodded.

"Well then what are we waiting for? Lets get this over and done with." She snapped as she started down the footpath. Raitoguchi caught up to her and stopped her.
"We must wait for Shalius to recover before we go anywhere." He told her. Nytahl sighed and shifted her footing.
"Why must we?" She asked him in exasperation. He sighed and sheathed his Katana. 
 "Because this place is unpredictable. We could run into any different types of creatures, and we need all the strength we can get. With your arm the way it is and Shalius in a weakened state at the moment, we're all but sitting ducks if we try too continue on with you two wounded." He took a deep breath and waited for her to reply.

"I'm sure it's not that bad. The three of you have good fighting skills, reliable weapons and agility. I'm sure it's not as bad as you're implying." She drawled. Raitoguchi grimaced.
"It's not honourable to continue on with a wounded soldier." He told her proudly.
She sighed and held her hands up in surrender.
"Okay, point made." She grumbled as she turned around and walked back toward the others.

Nytahl put her back against the wall and started to slide down it, but as her shoulders presed into the wall she felt something press in and suddenly the wall gave way. She started to fall backwards but before she could let out a sound John snapped his hand out and caught her. He hauled her back up and set her on the ground again.

"Thanks." She muttered. He inclined his head and peered at the small entryway that had, just a mere moment ago, been a wall. Nytahl shuffled toward it and looked deeper inside.
There was a small step that lead into a small firelit room. She walked inside and looked around. On the walls were various types of weapons, battle clothing and armour.
"Whoa..." She whispered as she spotted what looked to be Posidon's trident. She reached out to touch it.

"I wouldn't do that..." A voice said from out of a looming shadow. Nytahl whipped out one of her Sai's and slid into her fighting stance.

"Show yourself." She growled out. A feint chuckle sounded through the shadow, causing goosflesh to sprout upon Nytahl's skin.
A tall male stepped out of the shadow and faced her with a small smile.
Nytahl took in his appearance, from his slightly aged face, dark brown eyes, long black hair that had  strips of blue, red and gold. His clothing moldeld to his body, accentuating his muscles; his long legs were spread in a fighting stance. And the unmistakable feel of trumendous power bit through the air. The power was old; ancient.
It made Nytahl want to bow before him; but she resisted the urge.
"Sukeroku..." Nytahl said quietly.  

The End

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