Chapter 27-Meeting StepMature

Shalius Firion 

"This is where Sukeroku is, here we will find our answers, and will find the way to your gods. To Shamballa, to Olympus," Kalton says confidently before muttering something under his breath, to which Shalius decided to ignore. 

Power shouldn't lay within a god, it should come from within! He thought to himself before moving onto more pressing thoughts like what did this sukeroku guy look like? And how would they heal Nythal's wounded arm before we entered more combat? And how to get his hands on another weapon as powerful as his last? 

"I think the five of you have gone far enough !" A higher voice said from the shadows , the voice pierced the ears, and had a dark threatening undertone. John cursed under his breath. Shalius began to wrap himself in a thick magic thickening and pushing air around him. The small amount of light emitting from a torch that John carried began to dim to the point they could hardly see each other.

"That’s better, I do dislike the light so very much." The voice said darkly. Shalius could feel the air shit as something dark trailed by him leaving him to feel sensation of stinging cold.

"Are you Sukeroku?" Kalton questioned the voice.

"No, I am step god of shadows, and young priest the word of Jesus Christ won't save you here. So please spare me your words. Oh and look who has come straight to me yes Mr Maxis you have been most aggravating to deal with as of late, but don't fret now, I' am still highly entertained I don't think I will be killing anyone just yet." The voice said patronizingly," Oh and we also have a samurai that serves," Step pauses and he draws in a deep breath," Oh the smell of my old friend Shinto, out of Honour I will not kill you. Give Shinto my regards. I see the poor women is barely conscious I will spare her my drawl for now, so that leaves you. Isalor's most faithful follower turned renegade! " Step sounding absolutely pleased,"  I have been dying to see what Isalor has gifted you with? But now that you have forsaken him, I doubt you will offer much entertainment. Still I feel a power from within you, its to bad that we have met so soon. All of you have potential but  at the moment none of you can offer even the slightest resistance, how dreadfully boring!"

"You talk to much!" Shalius broke in finally allowing his anger and despair to get the better of him," You will pay for the lives you've made me take!You'll pay for the lives you have ruined!" Shalius spat charging towards were he had last heard Step's voice. A rush of air went around him, even with the poor light conditions he discerned that step had went to attack him from behind. He spun on his feet and punched outwards  connecting with what felt like the point of a dagger.

"You have good reflexes I give you that! Not only that but you your manipulating magic without using any phrase to form a shield that even I cannot penetrate with my lower level of attack is far more impressive. still I doubt that wi.." 

Shalius forced the magic to explode outwards throwing me against the wall, but also taking Step by surprise as he flew back with a surprised yelp of pain.

"You doubt what?" He sneered stepping forwards reforming the magic around his fist.

"Brilliant tactic for someone who has little knowledge of offensive magic. I wonder did you know that doing so would force my own dagger on me, which is probably the only thing in this room that can cut me?"

"No and I don't think he gives a damn!" John said firing off his weapon lighting the room up and exposing Step to light for the first time.

Shadows draped around him, he had menacing red eyes, pale skin, and reptilian like teeth He also stood at least 13 feet and was much bigger than the average human. He caught John's weapon and tossed aside, whole room shook in the explosions wake.

"You dare attack me with that pathetic thing!" He said annoyed," All of you are lucking I have not already killed you, but I see none of except maybe your young friend Shalius deserves to have me personally dispatch any of you. As so I will leave you with my servants." Step said with disgust.

"You, Coward!" Shalius yelled charging towards him expecting the god to run away but instead step charge towards him. Shalius blocked with his left hand and aimed a punch with his right. He made contact and exploded the magic forcing step back again for the second time but this time he exploded the magic at his feet to send himself in the air. He spun around aiming a well placed kick to Steps face, which worked however both attacks held little effect on him.  Shalius fell and was smashed against the ground.

"I admire your bravery, but it appears to me you haven't been paying attention. You cannot cut or hurt me unless you wield a weapon such as mine or magic such as mine!" Step spat picking Shalius up again who was now barely conscious and bleeding profusely from a head wound. Step threw Shalius against the wall and impaled him with a Shadowy Tendril.

"Now die!" He screamed firing a few more for assurance," I think I have done enough for today. Do not think I am not finished with you! I just feel generouse enough to let you all live another day!" He said as a strange tearing sound as a dim glow lit up Steps shadowy form, he stepped into the light and disappeared entirely.  

Kalton now turned his attention to the immobile Shalius who had been fashioned to the wall of the room by the three shadowy spears. He muttered some sort of prayer that made the spears dissolve, Raitoguchi caught him as he fell.

"He is still alive!" He said in amazement.

"Step had no intention of killing us, at least for now." Kalton said," He may not think of us as a threat or, maybe he is waiting for us to get stronger so he can have a worth while fight. Somehow though I think he has a higher motive then that."

"Or he maybe he is just a coward. Who wanted a little fun but found out were stronger than we look!" John said. Kalton laid Nytahl's now sleeping body next to Shalius.

"We should set up a camp here and rest a little and maybe later one or two of us can search for Sir ku ku" John started

"Surkeroku." Raitoguchi said a little annoyed.

"Or whatever ."

"I agree we cannot waste more time even with our wounded." Kalton said.

The End

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