Chapter 26: Demons? Are we in Hell?Mature

I heard Nytahl's scream echo through the cold underground. I turn, frightend at the sight I see. A monster of some sort. And though I looked at it, I couldn't make out the exact image, as if it was continuously changing form. Between beast, angel, and man. My eyes open with the realization of what was happening.

We were not in Hell, I had decided. As you cannot drill down to Hell. But, these things were demons. Fallen angels that rebelled against the Most High God. And I knew what reason it was that they were attacking us.

"Friends, do not fear! It is your fear that they want!" They were attacking us to keep us away from our goal.

I walk over to Nytahl who was lying spread out over the ground. And a pool of blood was surrounding her. I grab under her rib and under her hip and I lift her up, her semi-conscious body now held in my arms.

"Foolish pagan, if only you would bow before my God he would heal your wounds. But alas, you have chosen the hard way." Then, I look to the demons around and shout at them, "Begone, in the name that is above every name! In the name of Jesus Christ, Leave!" The demons moan and scream blasphemous things, but they cannot argue. They disappate into the darkness, and hide from our sight.

Shalius looks at me exhausted and annoyed, "Why does your god have all the power! Why don't our gods have power over these things. My god has given me magic, so has the others. Why do you claim that your god is so great and so mighty!"

I shrug, "Because he is."

And with this, I stride past them, walking farther down the cave. And the rest follow me, althought reluctantly. And as we walk, we hear the skittering of a thousand claws on the cold, raw gravel. Though we could not see them, we could certainly hear them.

And then, I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

"This is where Sukeroku is, here we will find our answers, and will find the way to your gods. To Shamballa, to Olympus," And then I speak in a whisper, "To Hell."

The End

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