Chapter 25- A Venture Within The DarknessMature

Nytahl followed closely behind, making sure to keep her hands hovering above her weapons and her foot sure and lithe.

She frowned when John and Karlton stopped and cocked their heads to the side.
"Do you hear that?" Karlton asked.
Nytahl sauntered over to them and strained her ears to listen.
"I hear nothing..." She commented.
John hushed her and pointed up ahead.
"Listen..." He breathed. She took another step forward, and another when she heard it.
It was a feint thumping noise that got louder and louder by the minute.
"What the he-" She was cut off when something clmaped on her arm and shook it.

She stumbled and tried to find her footing but whatever it was that had her arm in a vise like grip prevented her from regaining her balance.
Nytahl heard male grunts sounding from around her. She took her focused on the others and saw them fighting with creatures of every shape and size.
What the hell are these things, and where the hell did they come from? Nytahl asked herself.
She cried out when the creatures teeth started to saw deeper into the flesh of her arm, punctering her muscle and scraping against her bones.

With  her free hand she tried to reach for her sheathed Sai's but they were too far down on her thigh for her to reach properly.
The creature started to drag her backwards, away from the others and deeper into the Earth's ominous shadows.

Gritting her teeth she instead reached for her arrows that were slung across her back. Her fingers slipped against the leather bag; she tried again and only just grasped the hilt of one her arrows and wrenched it out of the leather bag.
She tightened her grip on it and struck. The arrow pierced a small piece of flesh on the creatures neck. Nytahl felt warm liquid gush over her hand.
She grimaced and tugged on the arm that was trapped with the mouth of the creature.
It's jaw opened and let out a ear splitting screech.
Nytahl screamed and tried to cover her ears, but her mauled right arm fell limp and useless next to her.

She looked at it and saw the flesh had been split open, revealing the ravaged muscle and other meaty bits that she refused to identify.
The creature had stopped screeching and was advancing on her again. It snapped its teeth at her, sending spittle flying.
She reached beneath her and grasped on her weapon and raised it.
She just hoped the blades of her Sai were able to penetrate the skin fast enough.

The End

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