Chapter 24- The strength to continueMature

Shalius Firion

Shalius groaned as his sore muscles protested the movment. As he brushed himself off , he noticed the others had already woken up and were ready to continue on where ever that was now seeing that they were all stuck in some dark place inside of the earth they once stood on.

"finally! Some of us were beginning to think you were dead!" Jonathan said removing his nails from his mouth.

"None of us thought that." Kalton said calmly.

"Yeah, good thing none of us broke anything. How far do you think we fell?"  Nytahl asked.

"Yeah that's  a good thing but if I keep taking this kinda physical punishment somethings bound to break." Shalius replied massaging his side when he notice his sword was no longer sitting in it's sheath,"Where is my sword?!" He said in a panicked tone.

"I don't see it anywhere around here." Kalton said. Nytahl looked up to see it proudly sticking out of the earth. 

"I see it. its up there!"

Shalius then remembered as he fell he attempted to stop his fall by driving his blade into the earth but to no avail as he hit the earth wall weaking his grip," Damnit!"

"Allow me!" John said taking out one of his weapons that caused explosions.

"Don't do that!" Raitoguchi shouted from the darkness," Unless you want to kill us all. The earth on top of us dry and weak, even if we used a spell to unearth the blade we still risk a collapse." he spat.

"It will be fine. I can live without a sword." Shalius said looking back up the blade with regret,and sadness," Lets find a way out of here." 

" I have reason to believe that if we go down this way we'll come across Sukeroku." Kalton said.

"What makes you say that?" Raitoguchi said sounding miserable.

"The Lord tells me so." He replied calmly.

Shalius felt a twinge of annoyance, Kalton always spoke of this Lord or god, this god seemed to be working behind the scenes of this quest, Shalius felt little trust for this god, nor did he like the idea he was a pawn, not that he wasn't when he served Isalor, but now he felt that his destiny was being controlled by a being that he wished not to serve. However at this moment he was given very little choice but to act accordingly.

"Is that the guys you mentioned earlier because if were heading the same direction. Step will no undoubtedly have control of this area." John warned.

"We'll have to take the risk, I don't see any other way out." Shalius said with an overflow of confidence, however he back up this confidence with a look of sheer determination.

"Only cowards fear the dark." He said walking into the shadows with out hesitation

The End

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