Chapter 23 - On The Bright Side, No More FloodsMature

I looked around, uneasy, at the moving idols that we were beginning to fight. Shalius was using a strategy of slash-and-roll around one idol that represented Ganesha. Nytahl was hack-slashing at one that represented Marduk. John was using one idol's strength against the rest by moving just the right way that it hit other idols instead of him. Even Raitoguchi was doing some sort of martial arts move against various idols from the Egyptian pantheon. Meanwhile, I simply look on, seemingly ignored by the idols.

"Cursed are the men who carve images or cast idols. This thing the Lord hates. And though these great religions claimed to be wise, they were fools. Because they exchanged the glory of the immotal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things, rather than the Creator who is to be forever praised. Therefore, I shall strike this land with famine. For the Word of the Lord is Living Water, since these people have denied it they are not worthy of dead water either."

And with this, every cloud in the sky disappeared, and every drop of water began to fade. The plants began to dry, and the moss began to die. Then, the temple that we were in began to shake. For the foundations that were holding it up, the vines and moss, were dying.

Then, the we hear a great crash and a whole opens in the middle of the floor, and the temple begins to curve into itself. Shalius is the first to slide through, but then Raitoguchi follows.

"I don't want to die!" Johnathan screams, "Save me!"

I grab onto a jutted out stone on the floor to keep myself from falling. "Lord, do I go or do I stay?"

Then, I heard the Lord, though no one else did. "My son, go."

Then, I let go of the stone, and slid into the hole. Nytahl then weakens and lets go in exhaustion. Then, kicking and screaming, John finally falls.


When I awoke, I saw the others still asleep on the ground. And I looked up at the rubble that was the temple. And I look around at my surroundings, and the broken and shattered stone idols scattered along the floor of this cave.

"Where am I Lord?"

Then, the Lord answered, "You are in a dried up underground river. Because of the famine you proclaimed, there is no water. Now find Sukeroku, just as you were meant to."

Then, I knealt down and prayed: prayed for the mission; for the salvation of those I was traveling with; for courage and faith; and for love, for these people and any other we passed on our travels.

The End

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