Chapter 22-Halfway ThereMature

Nytahl unsheathed her Sai's and grimaced at the dried blood that had started to coat them. She ripped a bit of her tunic and spit on it, she rubbed the blade of the sai carefully.
She cussed under her breath when she pulled the cloth away and saw no change with the blade.
They were about halfway to the tmple, as Raitoguchi had told them. The walk was across rugged terrain with violent winds whipping at them and rain clouds closing in fast.
Nytahl looked up and smiled at the sky.
"The gods know what we plan to do." She said.
"The've always known." Raitoguchi said from beside her.
Beside her Kalton tensed and flicked a look at her and the others. She frowned and cocked her head to the side.

Something with him had started to seem off, he was more quiet and aloof. Or that could just be Nytahl's new found paranoia getting the best of her. She looked around and frowned when she spotted something up ahead.
"What the hell is that?" She asked as she pushed her way up to the front.
In front of them looked to be a crumbled temple. It stood about 30 metres of the ground, with fallen rocks laying at it's feet green moss covered in it's blanket.
Nytahl went over and prodded at the doors.

"It looks to be atemple of some sort." Johnathan comented as he stopped beside her.
"Door won't open." She said as she took a step back and looked at the indentations in the walls where the fallen rocks used to be.
Re-sheathing he sai's she took a step up to it and placed her foot in the indentation and started to climb. She looked behind her to see the others following and continued on.

At the top was cracked rocky ledge that lead into a dark room made of stone. She leapt inside and landed in a crouch on the floor.
"This has got to be a god's temple." Shalius said as he landed beside her.
She looked around the room and saw that several statues were placed around the room. She stood up and walked over to them.
"Artemis, Morganna, Maui... there's one for every god here that's known to man." She said.
She noticed that Kalton stood as far away as the room would allow with a carefully blank look on his face.
"Is there one of your god's here?" She asked him curiously. He shook his head.
"No, my god has no face, no name. We know him simply as god." He said.
Nytahl frowned she was about to say something when there was the sound of stone moving on stone.
She turned around and saw the statues had come to life. Their eyes glowed a strange lime green, as a faint yellow light clung to them.
"Well this isn't good." Nytahl commented blandly as as a massive stone fist came sailing toward her.

The End

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